Covid Testing

Why covid testing is an issue?

Covid testing: Patients who are suffering from fever has become very anxious and want to get tested for the Corona Virus that has created a buzz in the medical field in recent days.

The medical practitioners are in a position where they cannot deny the request of the patients as there is a strict criterion that has to be met. This has been a very critical situation for both the physicians as well as the patients.

Laboratories are said to follow the regulations laid out and cannot call out immediately for widespread testing in the meantime, the doctors have to make the patients understand that what the actual concern to take up the testing is.

Moreover, the laboratories are not well versed with the test kits to test all the sick Americans. Currently, the government is working closely with private manufacturers and laboratories in order to increase the number of covid testings.

Covid Testing

The kits contain chemicals that are required to test the virus keeping the specimen to be swab from the patient’s nose or throat.

To date, the testing for the Coronavirus has been permitted only for patients who are suspected of severe symptoms and people who have had been in contact with infected patients.

The testing saves also been permitted to lower respiratory illnesses like pneumonia. People think that there is a test like just like how there is a test for flu and other common diseases and the doctors have been flooded with calls for test requisition.

Doctors who come across patients with severe symptoms will first carry out a flu test, and if it’s negative, they can think about covid testing.

The doctors have been decked by the job of qualifying patients who are eligible for testing.  Overall there are 337 kits that have been dispersed and each kit has the ability to test around 350 patients.

Once all the local and state public health laboratories begin testing for this particular virus, they will be able to handle 10,000 patients a day. Lastly, it is now that there are reliable tests that are there to detect the virus.



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