Comfort Zone

You need to speak out in public, but there is something inside you that is stopping you from reaching the podium. You intend to grow your network but there is something within you stopping you from speaking to strangers.

You very well know that speaking in meetings will impact your reputation in your workplace, but you are afraid that you might speak out something wrong. Generally, we tend to avoid such situations when we come across them.

But the thing we don’t realize is that though it might seem that these situations are unpleasant, they are also necessary. This is the hardcore reality of the world we dealing with today. The person who has got the courage and the skill to tackle such a situation will find opportunities for his endeavors.

Here is all you can do to get out of your comfort zone and own the success.

  • Practice it daily:

In order to get accustomed to being uncomfortable, walk outside your comfort zone on a daily basis. Practice things that you are not comfortable with within your daily life. It might be a small step, but it adds a lot to your success.

  • Start with something insignificant:

You cannot all of a sudden start doing things that you haven’t done before. You can start with things that are insignificant which will be a sort of warm-up exercise. For example, you can take a slightly longer route to your workplace rather than the route you take generally. Such small things make your mind think in a different way and build the courage that is required to step outside the comfort zone.

  • Think different:

All you need to do is to interpret the fear that you face to do new things outside your comfort zone as excitement and opportunity so that your mind gets used to accepting challenges outside your comfort zone. Train your mind by telling that the things that are uncomfortable to you are the things that you need to do to make success yours.

Look out for challenges:

If you at any point have an option to opt between an easy and a difficult task, opt for the difficult one. If you pass the task you build your confidence, and in case you fail you learn. Both the results benefit you on stepping out of your comfort zone and prepares you mentally for the hardest of the hard you are supposed to face in your life.

  • Ask yourself “why….?”

When you feel that staying in your comfort zone is better than leaving it even after you follow the above key points, just ask yourself why is it that you want to step outside the comfort zone and what is that you will be rewarded for stepping outside the comfort zone. This is the motivation factor that keeps the fire in your life.



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