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Why Analitica Si?

We offer personalized service which is a blend of efficiency and accuracy. We provide you with a safe, quick, and satisfactory lab experience. The wait time would be zero and excellent customer service. We rely on a paperless system that is faster and user-friendly to access the reports faster. All the testings done by us are in-house. This means that the results are accurate and fast.

Testing Highlights

Genomic testing looks broadly for gene alterations, or harmful changes, anywhere in the genetic code. All cancers contain genetic changes, or mutations, in the genetic code of their cells. These mutations cause cancer cells to grow and spread when they shouldn’t and lead to the development of a tumor.

Preventive health screening services are designed to identify risk factors that can lead to heart disease, stroke, and other serious illnesses. We use three non-invasive methods to get you lab-accurate results and recommendations you can review with your doctor.

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