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Why Analitica Si?

We offer personalized service which is a blend of efficiency and accuracy. We provide you with a safe, quick, and comfortable lab experience. The wait time would be zero and excellent customer service. We rely on a paperless system that is faster and user-friendly to access the reports faster. All the testings done by us are in-house. This means that the results are accurate and fast. 

Testing Highlights

Genetic testing is the examination of your DNA, the chemical database that carries instructions for your body’s functions. Genetic testing can reveal changes medically called mutations in your genes that may cause illness or disease.

In a medical setting, genetic testing can be used to diagnose or rule out suspected genetic disorders, predict risks for specific conditions, or gain information that can be used to customize medical treatments based on an individual’s genetic makeup.

Life is a laboratory. More the experiment you do, more experienced you will be to lead a better life.